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We are Texas Tattoos and Art Gallery. We specialize in one of a kind, custom tattoos.  No flash art racks to pick a design from that 5,000 other people chose before you, it's custom designed for you, and only you. We pride ourselves on being able to take any tattoo idea and make it come to life, utilizing our extensive library of  reference/resource material, and our artistic ability, creating something truly unique.

Portfolios and artists sketchbooks are always available for viewing.  Of course we can replicate what you saw on Pinterest, but we would rather do our job as artists and come up with our own design for you.

Tattoos - Greenville TX CUSTOM TATTOOS
We are open 7 days a week, opening daily at 1pm.

We have over 1200 square feet featuring a full stage for live shows, an art gallery, and state of the art tattoo facilities. We provide a very professional, yet relaxed environment, run by experienced professional tattoo artists who have dedicated themselves to mastering all techniques and styles of tattooing as well as up to date training, meeting and striving to exceed OSHA standard in aseptic procedure and first aid. 

Texas Tattoos and Art Gallery is located in the shopping center at the Southern entrance of the Greenville Arts and Entertainment District, 3207 Wesley Street, across from the legendary CB's Hamburgers, one block north of Church's Chicken.


Appointments are available and are to be made in person, walk-ins are welcome. Our reception area is made for comfort. We can't always guarantee that we are able to address your needs as soon as you come in, but hope you will enjoy a soft seat, the art, and our laid back environment.

Texas Tattoos and Art Gallery is community oriented and community driven, housing art by local artists, promoting local musicians, and providing a clean, sterile, and comfortable environment for tattoos.

Music lessons, recording opportunities, and small bookings are also available.  The art gallery encompasses the entire studio (reception, two halls, the main gallery, and in the tattoo area) features multiple artists and the curator is always seeking new talent.  All art is available for purchase, with a 2 month reserve policy.  Texas Tattoos not only provides gallery space to display art, but they pay the artist and provides them with the necessary medium to produce more incredible art.

The artist lounge and tattoo areas are off limits to those who have not been signed in and verified with a government issued ID that they are 18 years old, or accompanied by a verified guardian.  These areas are where the tattoo ideas come to life, from design sketch, to the permanent masterpiece.  All artist are certified and operate under strict regulations, updating their certifications annually to keep themselves and the client safe at all times.

Please view our blogs located on the Tattoos Facts and Fiction page for detailed information on aftercare and tips to assure that your one of a kind tattoo remains beautiful for the length of your life.


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